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Best Photo For Linkedin Background

Best Photo For Linkedin Background – Find the best 6 Linkedin cover photos “Quote” style examples to get you inspired and start building your personal brand on LinkedIn!

Remember, you don’t have to stick to the same LinkedIn header for life, or even years! Alternatively, use prime visual space for a campaign or major professional event/milestone you’ve achieved or are aiming to achieve.

Best Photo For Linkedin Background

Best Photo For Linkedin Background

Finally, be sure to read my article on the best LinkedIn background image size. Make sure you only post the most optimal Linkedin background image size. If you’re new to design, you can find great examples of LinkedIn background images on Canva (an image editing tool).

How To Craft An Amazing Linkedin Cover Photo [15+ Ideas & Examples]

Before you choose your next Linkedin profile cover photo, let me tell you something you’ve been overlooking…

Best Photo For Linkedin Background

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Best Photo For Linkedin Background

Linkedin Best Practices For Distributing B2b Content

Mau is helping some of Australia’s ASX 200 companies reduce customer acquisition costs and reliance on paid media. Ma is one of the most popular marketing consultants offering strategy sessions and workshops. Ma u’s Premium Digital Marketing Plan & Social Media Plan Templates Used by Thousands of Marketers Here’s something 90% of people on LinkedIn don’t do that produces great results for the 10%: Use a custom LinkedIn cover photo.

As of writing this post, I’ve clicked through over 500 LinkedIn profiles — more than 90% of them use LinkedIn’s default cover photo.

Best Photo For Linkedin Background

This is a huge missed opportunity to stand out from the competition. The good news is, now you know!

Linkedin Profile Headshot

In this post, I’ll show you how to create a LinkedIn cover photo that will get you results in under 5 minutes.

Best Photo For Linkedin Background

I’m going to share some great cover photo ideas and templates that you can use to get the most out of your profile.

I even have a quick video showing the steps I took to create my LinkedIn cover photo (using 100% free tools)!

Best Photo For Linkedin Background

Linkedin Background Photo Ideas For A Catchy Profile

When creating and uploading your cover photo, you’ll want to make sure it meets LinkedIn’s size guidelines so it doesn’t get rejected (and looks good).

According to LinkedIn’s official image specifications, here are the latest guidelines for the size and dimensions of your cover photo:

Best Photo For Linkedin Background

After checking all the boxes, another important factor to consider is the layout of your profile on different devices.

Best Linkedin Chrome Extensions

On desktop, your cover image will spread nicely across the page, but will shrink as the screen size gets smaller. On devices like smartphones, your profile picture also changes position.

Best Photo For Linkedin Background

Notice how my profile picture stays on the left side of the screen on both desktop and mobile? But notice how it covers the banner image on mobile.

Keep this in mind when designing your cover – you don’t want to miss important information because someone is viewing it on a different device!

Best Photo For Linkedin Background

The Complete Guide To Social Media Image Sizes (in 2022)

Whether you realize it or not, people make judgments about you and your abilities based on the photos you use. When choosing a cover photo, you want it to be of high quality with the best possible resolution.

Ideally, your cover photo will inject some personality into your profile. Something that helps you tell your story and who you are as a person.

Best Photo For Linkedin Background

Recruiters and potential clients love to see that there is a real person on the other side of the pixels on their screen! Here are some ideas to get the wheels turning:

Linkedin: Top Companies To Work For In India 2018

The possibilities are truly endless here, just use common sense and choose something that looks professional.

Best Photo For Linkedin Background

So you might not have a super cool image of yourself when you’re speaking in front of a crowd or bringing clean water to a village in Haiti. This is very good!

You can show your personality without going into the picture, just choose what is important to you. Here are some ideas:

Best Photo For Linkedin Background

Pink Linkedin Banner Template Linkedin Profile Background

This choice is completely personal, so it is difficult to formulate it. A photo that shows who you are, even if it takes a little searching

If this idea is for you, I recommend checking out Unsplash or Pixabay. Both have high-quality, royalty-free images that you can use for your banner image.

Best Photo For Linkedin Background

Here are some examples I pulled from a few minutes of searching on Unsplash – they all follow LinkedIn’s guidelines, so feel free to download them. If you’re on mobile, you can access your Unsplash photo library with a free app called Instasize.

How To Network On Linkedin

Personally, I like bright, colorful images. It gives serious creative vibes and guarantees attention. I might put some text on top of it, but it’s a good option!

Best Photo For Linkedin Background

I live in New York and I absolutely love it. I don’t like the equally generic photos of the city from the roof of the Rock Center.

I love this photo because the white background makes the buildings (especially the Freedom Tower) stand out and the silhouette is on the right side of the photo so my profile picture doesn’t cover it up too much on any device.

Best Photo For Linkedin Background

Linkedin Profile Tips: What The Best Linkedin Profiles Look Like

This could be the perfect LinkedIn background image! The main purpose of LinkedIn is to make new contacts and coffee is a great way to spend things offline.

Again, I grabbed each of them with a few minutes of searching on Unsplash, and I’d be fine using whatever I wanted for my LinkedIn cover photo.

Best Photo For Linkedin Background

If you want to maintain a professional tone for your LinkedIn profile, no problem! This is also an option. And there are still ways you can express your personality.

How To Create The Best Product Management Linkedin Profile

Inspire everyone with a simple photo. There are many more possibilities with this. Just make sure the cover image is about you and not your employer’s ad.

Best Photo For Linkedin Background

If you want to take your cover photo to the next level, you can use a photo editor like Canva or Pixlr to combine images, add text and layer filters.

For example, here is my cover photo. I made it on Canva (more on that in a bit) and it combines my New York City with my brand colors, logo and prints that I’ve shown:

Best Photo For Linkedin Background

Linkedin Background Banner Stock Photos

One of my favorite people on LinkedIn, Fabio Marrama, has headshots, speech slides, content and a personal hashtag:

Another friend of mine, Tim Salau, hit the nail on the head with his personal brand “Mr. Future of Work”, a call to action about what he loves (speaking and building community) and social proof with the logos of some of the world’s best business:

Best Photo For Linkedin Background

You can easily do all these examples in one of the editors I mentioned above, no professional experience (or money) required!

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At this point we’ve looked at some cover photo ideas, but sometimes it’s hard to come up with your own from scratch. In the next section, I’ll show you where to get cover photo templates for inspiration.

Best Photo For Linkedin Background

Good news for those of you who are not born with the design genius or are unsure about this cover image!

Canva, a graphic design software company, has gone ahead and collected 1,200+ LinkedIn cover photo templates that are all editable and free to download:

Best Photo For Linkedin Background

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Once you select it, Canva will take you to an editor where you can easily edit everything. Change the text, add your email, add your own photo, find free icons – it works!

When you’re done editing, you can export as PNG or JPG (both LinkedIn-friendly file types) and then upload it directly to LinkedIn.

Best Photo For Linkedin Background

If the image you are exporting is too large, switch to CompressPNG or CompressJPEG to reduce the file size.

Finance Trade Manager Analysing Stock Market Indicators For Best Investment Strategy, Financial Data And Charts With Business Buildings In Background

Boom! Now you have your own case that looks like it was designed by a pro (but we’ll keep the secret between us, okay?).

Best Photo For Linkedin Background

By now you should have a good idea of ​​what banner images you can use to make your profile stand out.

But like I said before, I know how hard it is to go from idea to reality, so I’m sharing the exact process. I wrote a video on how to build a LinkedIn cover photo from scratch in less than 5 minutes (don’t forget to hit the full screen button!):

Best Photo For Linkedin Background

Linkedin Says This Is The Best Place To Work In The U.s.

To wrap things up, I wanted to share a few more examples of great LinkedIn cover photos and some information about why I think they’re great:

Not just that

Best Photo For Linkedin Background

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